Product Review

Surviving The Heat!

With the High temperatures we’ve been enduring this summer in South Florida, keeping cool and hydrated is a must.

Always carry water with you to any Outdoor Sport or activity you’re going to perform and if you feel dizzy STOP for Water and find some shade!

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Pico Bolivar – Venezuela

What It Looks To Summit Bolívar Peak


From our friend and coworker Federico Vera. They show us the last meters before reaching the top. Bolívar Peak, also called Pico, mountain of the Sierra Nevada National Park in Mérida, Venezuela. Rising 16,332 feet (4,978 metres), it is the highest mountain in Venezuela.

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Product Review

The New Bell Super 3R

This new model comes with some new great features such as the new Float Fit retention system and MIPS on all the models.

With a removable chin bar this helmets makes the perfect combination for both comfort and ventilation from a regular helmet to the protection of a full-face helmet.

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10 Reasons to Wear Oakley Sunglasses and Safety Glasses

Oakley eyewear is synonymous with sports and luxury eyewear. When well-known people like Prince William and Kate, Jennifer Aniston and even Cyclops (James Marsden) in X-Men 3 wear Oakley sunglasses, a first thought might be that once again the famous are dictating fashion.

However, Oakley eyewear is much more than just a fashion statement.

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Life-Saving Technology

Each day, more and more outdoor sports fanatics are buying helmets with the MIPS Brain Protection System. The Multi – Directional Impact Protection System -or MIPS- is a system designed to protect you from the rotational motion caused by angled impacts to the head. The human head is more sensitive to rotational motion because the injuries you suffer from this type of impacts, will increase the chances for a severe brain injury.

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The Movatik Experience


Hi all!

Thank you very much for being here! We are excited to start showing you what Movatik is all about.

Hope you’re interested in learning from our travels, experiences and product reviews!

Enjoy 🙂

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